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You may wonder which neighborhood in Barcelona suits the most to your lifestyle and needs. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city offering you a wide and amazing range of lifestyles and cultures. Each district exude a unique sense of style offering luxury and comfort. This is the reason why we will illustrate a brief description of the city's districts and neighborhoods:


Barcelona Barcelona - Ciutat Vella Barcelona - L'Eixample Barcelona - Sants-Montjuic Barcelona - Les Corts Barcelona - Sarriá-Sant Gervasi Barcelona - Grácia Barcelona - Horta-Guinardó Barcelona - Nou Barris Barcelona - Sant Andreu Barcelona - Sant Martí

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Ciutat Vella district: A tourist, central, historic and beach quarter.

Ciutat Vella (Old Town, in English) assembles the whole city's historic centre. It is certainly the most visited district in Barcelona along with the Eixample, because it includes most of the city's landmarks such as Plaza Catalunya (Catalonia Square), la Rambla, Portal de l'Àngel, the Liceu Theater, Santa Maria del Mar Church, The Barcelona Cathedral, Plaza Real (Royal Square), the Generalitat (Regional government Palace) among many others.

Raval: The main multi-ethnic, thriving art scene and artists quarter.

It is an early 20th-century-old Chinese quarter, where you may find musicians and cabarets. Today it is the most multi-ethnic neighborhood of the city where Pakistanis and Nordics live together peacefully. Buildings' structures are usually very old. It is close to the center city. A typical and original quarter with a great thriving art scene, with artist and open-minded people. Plenty of bars, restaurants of the world, and night life may be found. It is very well connected.

Gótic: A medieval and very tourist quarter, with a great night life located in the center city.

The medieval Gothic Quarter with the cathedral, the remains of the city walls and emplaced in the center city represents one of the most tourist areas. You will find many cafes, restaurants, shopping stores, bars and night clubs mainly aimed to tourists. It is a cosmopolitan neighborhood, specially preferred by young people for its vibrant and lively night life. It is very well connected.

Barceloneta: A popular and quaint quarter close to the beach.

It is a quarter conceived at the beginning of the 20th century for fishermen and workers. It is today a popular and quaint neighborhood with an intense day and night life. Its narrow and long blocks close to the beach make it a peculiar quarter. Its apartments are 30 to 50m2 large. It is one of the main tourist quarter, preferred by young students and tourists.

Borne (San Pere, Santa Caterina and the Ribera): A cultural quarter located in the heart of the city.

It is a historic quarter of Barcelona in the heart of the city. This many-centuries-old sector, has plenty of renovated apartments that although preserving the facade they are fully renovated in the inside. It is a main target for its fashion boutiques, theme stores and a wide cultural offer with art galleries and the Picasso museum. With its hidden secret spots, it is a very well connected area, and it is close to everything else. It provides you all kind of amenities, such as markets, gyms and supermarkets. It is an ideal location for those who would like to live the city's lifestyle.

L'Eixample district: An urban and appealing quarter.

L'Eixample in Barcelona is the most inhabited district of the entire city counting more than 260 thousand people. In this district you will find the most famous Barcelona's landmarks, such as la Sagrada Familia, la Pedrera, la casa Battló and its most famous streets, such as the Passeig de Grácia. The stunning buildings of Rambla Catalunya or the Passeig de Grácia with its exclusive fashion boutiques make the Exaimple one of the most beautiful districts of Barcelona.

Dreta de l'Eixample: A family and distinguished quarter featuring Passeig de Grácia boutiques.

Built in the 19th century to enlarge the city of Barcelona, we may find among its main characteristics being a family, urban, pensioner, and green quarter surrounded by pedestrian areas. It is a center, clean and pleasant quarter with many local services. A charming place, with no so many tourists, where you may also find the Passeig de Grácia, an exclusive style and a high-class neighborhood.

Nova Esquerra de l'Eixample: Urban families and charm.

Built in the 19th century in order to enlarge the city of Barcelona, the Eixample Esquerra (Eixample Esquerra meaning enlargement to the left) is nowadays a dynamic and modern leisure district, home for many urban Catalan families, employees and pensioners. It is an flat area of Barcelona, with buildings up to 7-story tall, wide and quiet streets and several subway lines. Apartments are spacious, with balconies and many rooms. A very pleasant area for everyone, with pedestrian areas, many local services, and very good transportation.

San Antoni: A center neighborhood, close to everything and within your reach.

It is the border between the old city and the Eixample. Recommended for those who like to have everything close to their home. Sant Antoni is a center neighborhood, close to everything providing a wide range of services, stores, restaurants and great cultural offers.

Sants-Montjuic district: City's greenbelt with international connection.

This Barcelonan district includes Sants train station. It is the main railway station and the main stop of the high-speed train. The district also includes the main Mediterranean Port. In the heart of this area we may find Carretera de Sants, which, according to its length, is considered the street with more open shops by square meter of the world. In this district we can also find the Montjuic mountain featuring beautiful natural parks and the well-known Plaza España (Spain Square).

Poble Sec: Featuring mountain surroundings, next to parks and museums, close to the night-life quarter, the Raval.

It is ideally located between the Barcelona's port, the Montjuic and the historic center, next to parks and museums. Housing is only allowed in its southern slope. The Poble Sec is a mountain neighborhood, with small apartments. It is a quarter next to the Raval and the Gothic quarter and their night life. Perfect for students, young professionals, urban families with social life. Montjuic - Poble Sec is a safe and nice neighborhood.

Sants: Next to Plaza España, surrounded by parks, it is an urban, commercial quarter, perfect for families. It has a great location and very good transportation.

It is a neighborhood next to the stunning Plaza España, with parks, museums, and many more. It is one of the best city's area for transportation (featuring three subway's lines, and the main railway station Sants, a required stop for all trains and buses that cross Barcelona). It is a commercial zone, a typical Catalan area par excellence and with a great location. Recommended to families, and active students. It is a Catalan, very thriving and vibrant urban quarter, just behind the tourist circuit.

Les Corts district: High-class, Barcelona Football Club, and university quarter.

Les Corts is a high-class district, full of shops, lifestyle, and it houses the first Barcelona's shopping center. You may also find the Barcelona Football Club and the University zone. As for business tourism it is the most important financial and commercial district of the city.

Les Corts: It includes the Camp Nou, Barça's football stadium. It is a luxurious, very safe quarter next to the university zone.

It is a quarter in which you will find luxurious apartments, expensive buildings and even mansions. A neighborhood inhabited by people who in the past arrived to the city and could collect enough money to live in. A luxurious quarter where you will find the Camp Nou stadium. Its lower part is rather flat, with some neighborhood lifestyle, and quiet. Specially recommended to families, pensioners, and students. Located in the heart of a university. Les Corts is very vibrant during the day and quiet during the night. It is also one of the safest zones of the city.

Pedralbes: A first-class, residential, luxurious neighborhood. Preferred by high-class people and celebrities.

Exclusive and privilege zone, Pedralbes hosts many green areas, village houses, and high-class residences. Many celebrities live in the district (several Barça's football players, Shakira, etc.). You may discover its green areas, historic gardens, explore trendy building wonders, enjoy the residence's pool, and go shopping in malls close by. Highly recommended to high and medium class. Pedralbes is luxurious. It has safe homes, beautiful apartments and residences, all fully furnished.

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district: Among the most exclusive and wealthy districts.

It is the Barcelona's highest per capita distribution quarter. Garden buildings, large and comfortable apartments, parks, boutiques or mansions of the Barcelona's wealthiest families can be found in this zone.

Sarrià: High-class and exclusive neighborhoods.

It is the oldest residential zone, with very luxurious apartments and some mansions, located close to the mountain range surrounding Barcelona. It is one of the city's most exclusive quarters also known as one of the most expensive ones. You will find many gardens, the most beautiful modernist houses, and refined restaurants. It provides all kind of amenities, supermarkets, sport facilities, movie theaters, shopping malls (Illa Diagonal, Corte Inglés). Especially recommended to families and active population looking for comfort, serenity and green areas. Sarriá - Sant Gervasi offers many choices: whether old streets and buildings or new and modern constructions, always at the high level, and many local services.

Grácia district: A dynamic and artistic quarter

Grácia is one of the most active zones of Barcelona with its modernist architecture and lots of artistic quality. It is known by its narrow streets with its small buildings all piled up, by its squares and interesting spots. You may find several cafes, terraces, traditional and unique shops, movie theaters among many others. All these compose Grácia, one of the main destinations preferred by Barcelonans.

Vila de Grácia: It is known by its artistic excellence. A colorful and bohemian trendy quarter.

It is one of the oldest neighborhoods, distinguished by its artistic and activist merit. It has that village allure, with its squares and bars. It represents the life hub of the city. Many restaurants of all kind may be found and it is very well connected. Recommended to all generations, mainly to those with bohemian trends. Grácia is a colorful and lively neighborhood.

Horta-Guinardó district: Mountain and the Güell Park.

The Horta - Guinardó is a very green district, with modernist summer houses, steep streets, well connected and isolated from the Barcelona's turmoil. In the district it is located the Güell Park by Antoni Gaudì, where the architecture fuses ingeniously with nature to attain the perfect combination.

El Guinardó: An eccentric, authentic and quiet neighborhood, with competitive prices and neighborhood life.

It was built as a shelter for the great immigration coming from other regions of Spain. In its center you will find the Guinardó, which gives a mountainous relief to the zone. The Gaudì's work, Güell Park, is also located in the sector as well as many special areas to enjoy nature and outdoors activities. Prices are competitive. During the day there is plenty of neighborhood life. Recommended to families, pensioners and to those looking for quietude and originality.

Nou Barris district: A social and commercial district.

The Barcelona's Nou Barris district has historically been a district settled by immigrants coming from southern Spain. Today it also welcomes immigrants from all around the globe. Nou Barris improved its quality standards the last decades and has good transportation. In this district you will find El Corte Inglés, Heron City shopping mall, with plenty of outlets, bars, restaurants, night clubs, and multiplex cinemas.

Sant Andreu district: Transportation and inviting district.

This district has more than a hundred years of history. Its new neighborhood project called La Sagrera is expected to revitalize the zone at a tourist level. The Ajuntament (city council) of Barcelona decided to place in this quarter the main railway station for the high-speed train, with great transportation, linked directly to the airport. It also includes the shopping mall La Maquinista, with all amenities and housing at an affordable price.

Sant Andreu: A vibrant and thriving quarter. A medium-working class neighborhood with quaint streets where you will find the cheapest houses and amenities.

It is a popular medium-working class neighborhood where Catalan families live in. It is a lively and colorful quarter with its quaint streets. Perfect for students, young professionals, families looking for a vibrant and typical city's lifestyle as well as for the cheapest housing and amenities. It includes La Maquinista shopping mall as the commercial area, and la Rambla de Fabra i Puig promenade. You will find a familiar and neighborhood environment.

Sant Martí district: A shopping, newer and sea quarter.

In this district it is located the biggest European communication and new technologies center. In this business center work more than 40 thousand people. Sant Martí encompasses the Pompeu Fabra University, a shopping mall, luxurious-design apartments, parks, huge and outstanding skyscrapers, hotels with spectacular views to the Mediterranean sea. Thanks to its location some of its neighborhoods have become residential areas for young wealthy people who preferred to live close to the sea. It has also a great night life with clubs on the beach.

Clot: A residential, very well connected, and quiet neighborhood. Perfect for those wishing a bigger and cheaper house or apartment.

Very close to la Sagrada Familia, Clot is a residential and well connected neighborhood with commercial areas and plenty of amenities. Recommended to those wishing a bigger and cheaper house, in a quiet and ease of access zone.

Vila Olímpica: It is a modern residential area built along the sea promenade, and specially created for hosting the Olympic athletes in 1992.

The Olympic Village was conceived for hosting the athletes of the 1992 Olympic Games. Today is a residential quarter close to the beach. It is rather new with nice apartments, all fully refurbished, and some offering pools.

Poble Nou: Quiet, ideal for families, with leisure activities and close to the sea.

The former industrial district has become today a pleasant place, with a Village People charm and by its proximity to the sea. It is divided in two parts, the upper side remind us the Eixample quarter, very well connected. The lower side near the Ciutadella Park has an area conceived for technology companies. Ideal for families, young professionals, and pensioners. It is a quiet neighborhood, with plenty of stores, leisure activities and close to the sea.

Sant Martí: A residential and homogenous quarter, close to the sea, ease of access, and with all amenities.

It is a residential quarter, close to the sea and to the historic center. During the 60's great transformations occurred, when big groups of building were built to accommodate the new immigrants coming from other regions of Spain. It also features the very modern and convenient shopping mall Diagonal Mar. This neighborhood is perfect for pensioners, families, and for those looking for serenity and ease. It is an homogeneous, quiet, car ease of access neighborhood with many parking areas and all needed local amenities.


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